A review of the movie the shining

Technically, there is no better film in the genre. But it turns out this version of the film is entirely arresting, totally engrossing and beyond exciting. The beginning of this piece, which borders on tragic, unconsciously informs the viewer that terrible things are going to happen.

In the miniseries, that idea is taken, again, to the most literal place possible: The same approach onscreen just means interminable pauses, flat speeches, and unnatural dialogue that makes the actors struggle to sound like people. As interesting and thoughtful as Kubrick's technique is, Nicholson's performance keeps this from being an artsy failure, instead making a must-see mixture of curiosity and bravura.

Kubrick and his co-screenwriter, novelist Diane Johnson, have changed the emphasis of Stephen King's best-selling thriller to a much more subtle and shocking balance between the natural and the supernatural.

For all its brilliant effects, the strongest and scariest element in The Shining is the face of Jack Nicholson undergoing a metamorphosis from affectionate father to murderous demon.


This was used most prominently when Jack finds the woman in the bathroom. Pages from the infinitely better 2nd draft for Battlefield: You notice I've not revealed the denouement does Jack liquidate his kith and kin? Offering his blessing to the writers rewriting his story, he pointed out that he himself often starts stories with a plan, then lets them develop in whatever direction seems natural: But one detail indicates Kubrick's grim humor and cutting insight.

What was shocking was that it worked. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Torrance is told by Ullman, the manager Barry Nelsonabout a horrifying incident that occurred at the hotel some years before when a previous caretaker, Grady, possibly affected by the isolation and loneliness, murdered his two little daughters with an ax, shot his wife and then blew out his brains with a shotgun.

Sex Full-frontal nudity -- an attractive young woman turns into an elderly woman with rotting skin. The use of sound especially listen to the remarkable rhythm qf silence then clatter set up by Danny pedalling his trike intermittently over carpet then wooden floor.

Have no fear, they won't be revealed here. It's clean and free of the dirt as well, and this is easily the nicest this film has looked. Blood flows throughout this film -- literally -- in several notorious scenes. He had Shelley, Jack and the kid walk across the street.

If not, you need to get to know it too. Another scrawl, in Kubrick's own hand across a record jacket, says "Badly performed. The Video As expected from most Kubrick films, it's presented in fullscreen "as the director intended it".

Shelley Duvall's character is the one that we as an audience member can root for in the midst of this madness, and she portrays her fragile petrified character flawlessly as we can see the appalling look on her face in company with Danny Lloyd, who is another standout of the film.

From the real estate ad: As Torrance smashes a door to get at his screaming wife, he sticks his head through and grins, "Heeeeeere's Johnny. Kubrick got a performance of sweetness and clarity out of Crothers.

Such was the case with The Shining, however, there was certainly more of an impact. This, for me, was a slight negative and a hindrance to the main story because instead of focusing on the plot I was partly focused on whether or not I found any-and-every easter egg or I got this reference or that one.

Alcoholic, troubled would-be writer Jack Torrence Wings star Steven Weber is given much more time with his psychic son Danny Courtland Mead and wife Wendy Rebecca De Mornay before they wind up isolated together over the course of a long winter caretaking at the Overlook Hotel.

That was the basic flaw: The response was mixed, with the loudest detractor being the author himself. A Horror Classic which will remain remembered for generations to come.

The Shining Forwards And Backwards feeds both of them at once. His dialogue delivery, demented body language especially during that staircase scene with Wendy cements the fact that we're dealing with a fickle psychotic character on-screen.

The Audio This is bizarre. As much as the Torrance family has a history, so does the Overlook. The ability to see patterns and understand them has given us the basic science that lifted us out of the caves although some might argue it was a big black block what did it.An experimental showing of Kubrick's THE SHINING plays the movie forwards and backwards at the same time on the same screen, creating bizarre juxtapositions and startling synchronicities.

If, however, you are a casual King fan, or a fan of Kubrick's Shining, your best bet is to rent the miniseries version first. Do not watch the miniseries version expecting the same movie Kubrick did. Do not watch the miniseries version expecting the same movie Kubrick did.

Stephen King Movie Review- The Shining (1980)

Next movie is the TV Miniseries of the Shining so be sure to look out for that. Also yes I know there is a new Carrie movie coming out and I will see that and review it on here also.

Here is a. Jun 13,  · The Shining is a masterclass in film-making and a staple of popular culture. I, personally, cannot stand horror films. I don't like to feel scared, and I don't like to have my emotions manipulated by scary monsters, scary music, scary lighting, etc/10(K).

This rum is red, man! In spite of author Stephen King not being happy with Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of his novel, The Shining () has proved to be a critical and commercial darling. Kubrick's suspenseful horror classic is violent and dark.

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A review of the movie the shining
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