Comparing finance motivation with non finance motivation

Note the difference between recognition and social recognition: It includes basic pay, grade pay, and dearness allowance; travelling allowance, pay increments, etc. So, you cannot simply state that all employees are motivated solely by money, says the NBRI.

Allowing workers to complete tasks that have a meaning, and are complete in themselves. Now looking to the other side of the coin, evidence suggests that non-financial motivational technique has a favourable effect on the process of job enrichment or job enlargement entitling those employees who are desirous.

In spite of giving wages and salaries, non — financial rewards also need to be given. Financial techniques refer to monetary rewards.

Thus, the major disadvantage of the theory of Equity lies in its combined lack of universality, and difficulty for managers to apply. Apathy, reductions in workforce and high turnover can have a far reaching impact that can spiral out of control.

This is important to any employee who would like to go to school and get more education to attain higher levels of pay and higher positions. Why Are Employees Motivated by Money? On Taylor's 'scientific management' rests, above all, the tremendous surge of affluence in the last seventy-five years, which has lifted the working masses in the developed countries well above any level recorded before, even for the well-to-do.

The idea is to derive satisfaction and minimize dissatisfaction in employees. This gives employees an incentive to work a schedule or under conditions that would otherwise be very disliked by all employees. Non banking financial institutions are companies that do not accept deposits or handle accounts like traditional banks but provide all other form of services like loans, share… trading accounts, investment banking etc.

Beyond the bonus In general, intrinsic motivators, such as how you treat your employees, how much they like and are challenged by their job, and how well they get on with their colleagues, are more effective than extrinsic motivators like performance bonuses.


The Hygiene theory makes the case for the presence and absence of motivators. On the other hand if you are working in such organization with good basic salary and there is no incentives for the work you done, but you are apprised for the work you done.

Cite Harvard Reuben, M. International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development. Hence, it is necessary for a manager to understand what motivational factors the employees get contented with while observing both financial and non-financial motivational factors in the workplace.

The company will reimburse the employee up to a certain amount for classes and education. The higher the morale, the greater will be success and vice- versa. Regardless of which theory of employee motivation is followed, the research studies on motivation conclude that interesting work, appreciation, pay, good working conditions, and job security are important factors in helping to motivate.

In this context, it is important to note that many multinational companies have a financial component that motivates employees and a non-financial component like honoring the employees, publicizing their achievements, and making senior management talk to these employees for their contributions.

Financial And Non Financial Rewards

How non-financial motivator does help an organization to motivate its employees? Managers are not the only ones who can recognize others in the workplace.


He believed that workers were motivated by anything other than money. Explain the challenges to implement non-financial motivators in an organization.

International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development, 3 3pp. Good marks in reviews may reflect that an employee is satisfied and bad marks may reflect the opposite.

Profit sharing plan has its shortcomings — one, that it has become a regular feature in government departments irrespective of performance and two, it may have no relation with individual efforts.

Wages are paid to hourly employees and these employees are usually eligible to receive overtime pay. Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs: The organization will have to read the mind first and then it will gratify them as par their the employees taste and preference.

As a result, employees are motivated to contribute more towards the organizational success because they are given recognition and appreciation for their contribution. SHRM How can human resource managers utlilize this information?

Financial and Non Financial Motivation for Entrepreneurs and Employees

Motivational policies, financial and non-financial, should not be designed in isolation but in line with the organization's other policies and objectives. True managers motivate trough their personality and authority, not trough fear. The craving for equity is not universal simply because some might give more importance to it than others.

The management can also rank the employees according to performance.There is a small but growing body of qualitative studies looking at motivation of health workers in developing countries that indicate the limitations of financial incentives on motivation and that reveal the importance of non-financial incentives [].

A Proposed Conceptual Framework for Rewards and Motivation among understand how intrinsic rewards as compare with extrinsic rewards are perceived as The fact that an individual is working in a non-profit organization is indicative of a set of values in which extrinsic rewards are not the first consideration (Weisbrod, ; Preston.

non-monetary reward

Business Essays: Comparing Management Theories of Motivation. A major advantage of the equity theory - both as a characteristic of a company environment, and as a management theory of motivation - is that it can increase employee retention and loyalty. Informal groups Institutional Relation dfaduke.comipation dfaduke.comication dfaduke.comline Financial and Non Financial Motivation.

When we take human beings in organisations for analysing motivational pattern, we identify two groups of individuals.

Non-financial Performance Measures: What Works and What Doesn’t

– Managers and workers. Providing the financial benefit to employees without any prominent expression also loses its dfaduke.coms have a direct link with the motivation and job satisfaction of the employees.

Variations in rewards and recognition. The Financial & Non-Financial Theories of Motivation by Collin Fitzsimmons - Updated September 26, There are few areas where science refuses to penetrate, and in the realm of motivation, science has recently made important discoveries concerning what drives us.

Comparing finance motivation with non finance motivation
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