Does the company have an orientation programme

Rather than read each page, highlight the most important sections and have the employee read it during his first week and contact you if he has additional questions. To Develop Realistic Job Expectations, Positive Attitudes and Job Satisfaction It is important that employees learn as soon as possible what is expected of them, and what to expect from others, in addition to learning about the values and attitudes of the organization.

Example of an Orientation Program for New Employees

Understanding Expectations Orientation programs help employees gain an understanding of what is expected of them. If the employer prepares an annual report, a copy may be given to a new employee.

Another possibility is a formal orientation i.

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Actually conducting a staff orientation, in addition to planning out the topics to be covered, takes some consideration of a number of issues.

What are they most anxious about, or what do they consider most important to find out? This information should be discussed during new employee orientation, so that an employee can get clarification on any points she's unsure of.

Example of an Orientation Program for New Employees

Cover important policies and have new employees sign off that they understand them. In addition to veteran staff, participants, and others, ask new staff members themselves to help plan out the orientation.

Take them on a tour of the office, pointing out essential locations such as human resources, their manager's office, bathrooms, break rooms, the printing area, technology support and the company eatery.

Still others expect 40 hours a week or more, but allow enormous flexibility as to when those hours are put in.

Why Is Orientation Important to the Organization?

This sort of thing can be used as a teaching tool or as a way to make available more material than can be presented in the orientation itself. From the perspective of employers, the orientation process has several specific purposes, which are described next.

Where do they work? Are there observations or activities that need to be included? Some specific advantages to such a program include: Take the first step and assign new employees a mentor they can go to with questions or for encouragement.

If you run a formal orientation of only a few hours or a day, it will probably involve the direct presentation of a lot of information. In addition, administrators generally have a broad perspective on the organization that is important for a new staff member to be aware of.

The University of North Carolina Medical Center uses its website to publish an outline of the new nursing staff orientation, with information on forms that need to be completed, and information regarding various policies, requirements and reminders.

Decide who will conduct the orientation. Training can range from attending seminars, tackling computer-based programs or shadowing an employee who does the same or a similar job as the new employee.An orientation program creates a positive first impression of the organization for the employees.

Orientation demonstrates that the company is sensitive to the needs of new hires, which can lead. Apr 01,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Employee orientation programs are much more successful when they are less about the company and more about the employee, according to new. Proper orientation helps to reduce anxiety that results from entering into an unknown situation and helps provide guidelines for behavior and conduct, so the employee doesn't have to.

If you have a regular performance evaluation, the orientation should specify how often evaluations are conducted, what form they take, what the grounds for evaluation are, what is done with the final evaluation, how it is used in the organization, and who has access to it.

In business, think of orientation as a new employee's first impression of her workplace. The orientation process usually lasts just a few hours, but it's an integral part of the weeks-. KSBM – Does the company have an orientation programme?

Why Is Orientation Important to the Employees?

If yes, how effective is it Does the company have an orientation programme? If yes, how effective is it.

Does the company have an orientation programme
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