Maximin minimax

They assume that the worst that can happen will, and then they take the action with the best worst case scenario. Minimax algorithm with alternate moves[ edit ] A minimax algorithm [4] is a recursive algorithm for choosing the next move in an n-player gameusually a two-player game.

Revising decision trees in the light of new information Consider the following scenario. You believe that the probability of good sales is. In order to require that the variables have an integer value, the prefix int is added.

High and low demands are the only two alternatives. The expected value criterion is also called the Bayesian principle.

How to get the Maximax, Maximin, Minimax of this?

It is sometimes applied to minimize the possible loss for a worst case maximum loss scenario. These appear in the column labeled 'row minimum' as25 and 16 in the table below. This number is called the "look-ahead", measured in " plies ". Zed and Adrian estimate that the demand for bicycles this season will be 10, 30, 50, or 70 bicycles with probabilities of 0.

In repeated games[ edit ] The minimax values are very important in the theory of repeated games. The above algorithm will assign a value of positive or negative infinity to any position since the value of every position will be the value of some final winning or losing position.

The numbers in parentheses for each state of nature represent the probability of that state occurring. Then find the best of these - 25 which is the maximum of the minima or the maximin.

For example, since 10, items must be produced no matter what the sales will be, the production cost of A is In either case this can be determined.

If you go right, you shall get home in good time. A naive minimax algorithm may be trivially modified to additionally return an entire Principal Variation along with a minimax score.

These mixed minimax strategies are now stable and cannot be improved. You are about to produce a new garment C and must determine whether to merchandise it only nationally N or internationally as well I.

Expected Value Realist Compute the expected value under each action and then pick the action with the largest expected value. Compute the expected value of perfect information. However, introducing them is not much of a problem, as the following example shows.

The Minimax Theorem

One of the central theorems in this theory, the folk theoremrelies on the minimax values. Thus an entry pointed to in both its row and column is necessarily a saddle point. Pseudocode[ edit ] The pseudocode for the depth limited minimax algorithm is given below. If Zed and Adrian run out of bicycles during the season, then they will suffer a loss of "goodwill" among their customers.

It is useful for a risk-neutral decision maker. We can construct a decision tree. After G, we write. Conside the uppermost branch, representing your choice of N, good sales of C, your choice of S and good sales of S.

The tree below digrams the decision.S. Gupta, J.


Berger (Eds.), Fourth Symposium on Statistical Decision Theory and Related Topics, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-New York ().

The maximin problem is similar to the minimax problem but it seeks to maximize the minimum of all available options. max min (x1,x2,x3) s.t.

Game theory

x1 + x2 + x3 = 17 The minimax problem can be alternatively posed by maximizing an additional variable Z that is a lower bound for each of the individual variables.

Properties of Nash equilibrium in two-player games • In zero-sum games, same thing as maximin/minimax strategies • Any (finite) game has at least one Nash.

It follows by showing that (Minimax-LP) and (Maximin-LP) are dual of each other and strong duality for feasible LPs. Let’s find the dual of (Minimax-LP). The Lagrangian is. Maximin rule Identify the worst outcome for each decision and choose the decision associated with the maximum worst payoff.

Minimax regret rule Determine the worst potential regret associated with. Maximax and maximin strategies Maximax A maximax strategy is a strategy in Game Theory where a player makes a decision that yields the ‘best of the best’ outcome.

Maximin minimax
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