Over population problem in egypt and its solution

Mahmoud Farag a member of the Cairo Demographic Center said "contraceptive means are available but women are not using it enough or at all, even though both the government and women do not want more children" http: This created the first imbalance between the two rates.

Egypt is suffering from too many people living on a small piece of land.

What is Overpopulation?

Similarly, the transition to farming about 10, years ago greatly increased the overall food supply, which was used to support more people. Overpopulation in developing countries puts a major strain on the resources it should be utilizing for development.

Tourism as well as urban sprawl have contributed to the degradation of sites, especially in the Greater Cairo area. Technological advancement was perhaps the biggest reason why the balance has been permanently disturbed. If the number of children born each year equals the number of adults that die, then the population will stabilize.

Difference between the number of people who are leaving the country and the number of people who enter narrows down which leads to more demand for food, clothes, energy and homes.

The creation of Lake Nasser to control the flow of the Nile through Lower Egypt and create hydroelectricity meant the flooding of sites like Abu Simbel. Mexico and China's growth is comparable. Cairo is not only the largest city in the Arab World, with a population Food production further increased with the industrial revolution as machinery, fertilizersherbicidesand pesticides were used to increase land under cultivation as well as crop yields.

Causes and consequences of overpopulation

These go far beyond any individual organism. The invention of vaccines and discovery of antibiotics such as penicillin saved thousands of lives and were a key factor in unfettered population growth. Uncontrolled human fertility led to a depletion of the land's fertility.

#47 – “The Solution to Overpopulation Is Population Control”

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Rather than focusing on improving infrastructure within the city, many of the proposed solutions involve moving residents into recently constructed metropolitan areas in the desert. Thus it seems, education played a role as one of the most effective tools in family planning.

In Egypt, this balance has long been missing. Improvements In fishing and livestock methods also contributed to the provision of more food with which to nourish the population.

The correlation established is hence that as overpopulation increases, biodiversity decreases Etim, Many non-profit companies are made for the sole purpose of helping countries like China, India and Egypt; countries that are suffering from overpopulation. One of the most economically prominent countries in the world today is South Korea, which managed to create a world-class economy in a relatively short period of time.

For example, due to overpopulation, the level of the atmospheric carbon dioxide is rising, causing global warming, pollution, increased demand for resources, starvation and malnutrition.

Most of the major cities in Egypt are around the Nile River and that is also where the majority of Egypt's population is https: The effects of overpopulation are quite severe. Due to all of these factors, some causation has occurred; that is decreasing biodiversity.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Bank. You think of China, India, of Bangladesh. While factories in Suez are asking for government authorization to import technicians from abroad, tens of thousands of Commerce, Law, and Arts graduates are mostly sipping tea in Cairo coffee shops or taking petty jobs that do not require their university degrees.

Environmental issues in Egypt

Those people are unable to understand the harmful effects of overpopulation and lack of quality education prompts them to avoid family planning measures.

This could be done through awareness campaigns on television, radio, or even posters and brochures. Taking into account the fact that human beings appeared on Earth more than four million years ago, what happened in our recent history for the number of inhabitants on the planet to start multiplying exponentially?

China, Mexico and Brazil have been singled out as extreme cases of species loss. Knowledge of Sex Education: The results are remarkable, showing that trend need not be destiny.

Demographic concerns in Egypt do not only lie in the size of the population; the composition of the population is also important. Previous famines were worse. Relatively few occurred in countries where population was stable. Egypt's overpopulation is an unfortunate problem that the Egyptian Government is working to control.

The good news is that public policy matters and can reduce overpopulation.This model essay is about overpopulation in dfaduke.com specifically have to talk about the problems of overpopulation, and suggest some solutions to this problem.

Note that this question specifically asks you what governments and individuals can do. Here is the question. Sobhi El Hakim, "The Truth of the Population Problem in Egypt," public lecture delivered at Cairo University, President Mubarak continues to regard moderating population growth as an important issue.

On May 6,he formed a ministerial committee on population to.

Our Vision to Solve Overpopulation

The boom is not yet over, either—Egypt’s current fertility rate of children per woman South Korea was able to harness an earlier large expansion of its population in a productive manner, which then helped to reduce its overall growth rate—this is the challenge that Egypt faces today.

This is the opposite of the problem. #47 – “The Solution to Overpopulation Is Population Control” (Editor’s Note: Walter E. Williams is a prominent commentator and economist at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. This essay was originally published in November under the title, “Population Control Nonsense” in The Freeman, the journal of the Foundation.

The tipping point was generally accepted to be the Industrial Revolution, but there are many smaller revolutions that contributed to population take-off which have brought the planet to its current dangerous overpopulation: revolutions that are medical, technological, agricultural, financial, transport and demographical in nature, among others.

#47 – “The Solution to Overpopulation Is Population Control” (Editor’s Note: Walter E. Williams is a prominent commentator and economist at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Over population problem in egypt and its solution
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