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How would you summarize the views of the religious community in Laramie? More Brechtian than realist theatre, The Laramie Project self-consciously reflects its creative processes and representational choices.

The actors self-deprecatingly present their preconceptions about the West before the project, including fears of being gay-bashed in Laramie.

Same sex marriage is now the law of the land. The result is indeed powerful Benches become bars and churches and hospitals and courtrooms and living rooms. Movies are representational; the play is presentational. When he died in October of I was still working at New York State Crime Victims Board as an investigator and the only openly gay one they ever had.

Could an attack on a gay student happen here in New York City? The reason for this brutal crime? Even so, and although far outstripped by the stage version, it is a powerful voice for equality, tolerance, and simple human decency. How has the town changed as a result of this event?

People there wondered why such a thing can happen, but some of their own answers belied the reasons why.

The national coverage, in spite of the enormous hype, helped reinvigorate gay activism with a sense of meaning and urgency, along with renewed solidarity and pride. While actors quickly move in and out of characters, the play carefully listens to the variations in these sometimes wise, sometimes funny, sometimes startling, and always interesting residents of Laramie.

In contrast to what he would do if he lived in a large city, in Laramie Dubois allows his children to play unsupervised outside at night. Witnesses stated that Henderson and McKinney had specifically targeted Shepherd because he was gay.

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How do people in the play stand up to hatred and bigotry? The hate crime attracted vast attention worldwide, bringing sexual discrimination and violence to the forefront of public discourse. The reason for this brutal crime?

The eight actors, playing themselves, other members of the project, and people in the Laramie and Fort Collins communities, relate going to Laramie a month after Shepard's death to conduct initial interviews, and then returning several times for additional interviews and to observe the trials of Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney.

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You are not currently authenticated. What person did you find most courageous in that regard? This means he has virtually no chance for release.

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Presentational Theatre often tells a story from many different perspectives, or with many different voices. How did he formulate the play in such a way that he made the events come alive not with just the details but with all the complexities that surrounded the crime?


Was this review helpful? The resulting production, The Laramie Project: On screen, it is distinctly slanted, cutting much of the commentary that gave the original such remarkable balance.

Father Roger Schmidt, who received enthusiastic applause, and jury members of the McKinney and Henderson trials including one jury member who commented that the performance and talkback provided the first chance the community had to de-brief and heal.

GFT, Amazon Reviewer 7 of 7 people found this review helpful. What more is there to say? All is not perpetual goodness in this so-called paradise. Hundreds of interviews were conducted by the members of the Tectonic Theatre Project No one perspective dominates; the town is given many voices and the audience must listen to all and form an opinion.

The case made headlines from end of the United States to the other and prompted numerous calls for Hate Crimes legislation, which had long been stalled both at the state and federal level. The setting that Hilliker describes is in stark contrast to the circumstances that are about to be discussed, of course.

Overview Synopsis In October in the middle of the prairie outside Laramie, Wyoming, Matthew Shepard, a 21 year old student at the University of Wyoming, was tied to a fence post, severely beaten, robbed,tortured and left, alone, to die.The Laramie Project by Moisés Kaufman and Members of the Tectonic Theater Project, and produced by Craig Pettinati and directed by John Nunemaker, opened at the Kensington Arts Theatre on Friday.

Mar 09,  · Watch video · Moisés Kaufman and members of New York's Tectonic Theater Project went to Laramie, Wyoming after the murder of Matthew Shepard.

This is a film version of the play they wrote based on more than interviews they conducted in Laramie/10(K). The Laramie Project - 'Moment' work workshop today was simply amazing! Beginning with exploring the concept of 'moment' work and creating meaning through theatre elements, participants then discussed their understanding of 'community' and what communities they belong to.

The Laramie Project

Dramashop’s season will open with THE LARAMIE PROJECT by Moises Kaufman and the members of the Techtonic Theatre Project. On October 12,a year old college student died from injuries sustained six days earlier in a brutal attack. In October in the middle of the prairie outside Laramie, Wyoming, Matthew Shepard, a 21 year old student at the University of Wyoming, was tied to a fence post, severely beaten, robbed.

“The Laramie Project” is a deeply moving, theatrical experience based on interviews with citizens of Laramie, Wyoming, after the death of Matthew Shepard.

“The Laramie Project” is presented on campus Friday, Nov.

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11, through Sunday, Nov. 13, and is sponsored by Intercultural Programs.

The laramie project
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